Water Risk Assessment in Pondicherry : A joint french/Indian research program

The main issue of the water resources in Pondicherry concern (i) the pollution of water bodies by human impact, (ii), the silting of tanks due to soil erosion by agricultural practices, (iii) the urbanization and tanks encroachment and (iv) the ground water depletion triggered by global change, water pumping and land use. Water-Pondi aims to conduct a comprehensive action on two located and monitored watersheds : Ousteri reservoir in an agricultural context and Kanagan reservoir in the urban fringe, and to develop a combined approach with hydrologists, geochemists, soil scientists, economists, geographers & urban planners. The water supply risk assessment in Pondicherry is based on a case study of hydrosystem tank percolation management : Ousteri and Kanagan lakes. Water-Pondi involves a large consortium of academic partners in Région Centre Val de Loire as well as in Pondicherry.

The project is subdivided into four tasks :

  • Socio-economic features of the water supply
  • Pollution by trace elements and silting
  • Metrology and modeling
  • Territorial and planning matters in the urban fringe

Responsable scientifique

Marc DESMET – GéoHydrosystèmes COntinentaux (GéHCO), EA 6293

Type de projet

International joint research project

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