La socio-économie des interfaces
patrimoines naturels – patrimoines culturels

The first international conference on natural and cultural heritage organised by the Intelligence des Patrimoines programme, will be held on Friday, 30 October, 2015, starting at 9 pm, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Touraine (Room: La Halle aux Draps), in Tours.

Under the scientific leadership of Jérôme Casas, Professor of Ecology (Université François-Rabelais de ToursCNRSInstitut Universitaire de France), this conference will focus on the socio-economy of the interfaces between natural and cultural heritage.

This meeting will have the objective of debating the convergence of problems, solutions and tools for the conservation of natural and cultural heritage. Going beyond the sometimes-striking analogies between the issues, which are a priori disparate, the question is if there are interventions and similar tools for the two types of heritage? Are we witnessing the birth of a new interface science? If so, how best should we think about it and convey it? The conference will bring together several European specialists in the field.

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